All the latest Outfy features

Here’s what's new in Outfy. From new features to product makeovers, we're constantly rolling out updates and improvements.

Collage-X : Editable and Customizable Collages

Dec 22, 2020

Just launched: CollageX, an enhanced version of Outfy's Collage feature.

CollageX is here because before now you couldn't edit your product collages. Nor add text to them. Or resize them.


Canva meets Outfy

November 12, 2020

Canva is an application that helps you create striking images. It is an image creation and manipulation app. It is easy to use. It is extremely popular. And it is a great tool to create promotions.


NEW, IMPROVED Outfy Promotions

November 8, 2020

Promotion is a crucial part of the Outfy experience for your store. You use Outfy because it can create and share engaging content to promote your online store. It's why we're always looking to improve our promo tools.


Engaging content now for your Store as well

November 6, 2020

Outfy helps you curate interesting content for various social media channels. Using tools offered by Outfy, you can create engaging custom content like Collages, Animated Gifs, and enticing Videos to promote your store on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Direct posting on Instagram through Zapier

October 22, 2020

Earlier, direct posting on Instagram via Outfy was not possible. You had to enable push notifications. Our collaboration with Zapier resolved this issue. Now you can post directly on Instagram via Zapier. Briefly, this is how it works.