Hello Wordpress users

New Feature Alert - WordPress plus Outfy.
Good news for bloggers on WordPress: Outfy now supports standalone WordPress blogs. Have a blog (or blogs) on WordPress? Use Outfy to promote it on social media, and watch your audience grow.

How to connect
Simply add your wordpress site the usual way you connect a new store. Outfy will sync all your blogs and you can get started right away.

How it works
Outfy will pick a few blog posts each day and post them on the networks you specify.

Self Hosting your blogs?
If your blog is hosted on WordPress.com, you can simply start using Outfy. For those, who are self-hosting WordPress blogs, you need to follow these steps for signing up with Outfy.

If your blog already has the Jetpack plugin installed and connected with the Wordpress.com account, you can skip below mentioned steps and directly move to the section: Signing up with Outfy.

If your blog has the Jetpack plugin installed but is not connected to the Wordpress.com account, follow the section: Jetpack installed - Connect to Wordpress.

Step 1 : Install Jetpack plugin on your Blog

1) SignIn into your Blog admin panel and install the Jetpack plugin. For installing Jetpack, go to the Plugin section on the left navigation panel and click the “Add New” bar.

2) Search for “Jetpack” on the search bar and click on the “Install Now” button.

3) After successfully installing the Jetpack, it shows an “Activate” button. Click the button.

4) Now a Welcome screen appears. Click on the “Set up Jetpack” button and move to “Connect Jetpack with WordPress.com”.

Step 2 : Jetpack installed - connect to Wordpress.com

1) SignIn into your Blog admin panel and go to the “Jetpack” section on the left navigation panel and click the “Dashboard” bar. It opens the Jetpack dashboard. Scroll down to the “Connections” section and click on “Connect your WordPress.com account”.

2) Now a Welcome screen appears. Click on the “Connect your user account” button.

Step 3 : Connect Jetpack with Wordpress.com

1) Now Jetpack asks you to connect with a Wordpress.com account. If you already have an account there, just use the “Already have an account” option otherwise, enter the email address, username, and password as per your choice and create account.

2) After successfully signing in with your account, click the “Approve” button.

3) Now Jetpack shows you a list of plans. Scroll down and select the Free Plan.

Step 4 : Signing up with Outfy

1) Go to the Outfy Signup screen and select “Sign up with WordPress”. In a new popup window, enter your Wordpress.com credentials which you used while setting up Jetpack.

2) After signing in with your credentials, Outfy asks for access to your WordPress blog to fetch your blogs. Click on the “Approve” button.

3) After clicking Approve button, you’ll be redirected to your Self hosted blog admin page for the final confirmation. Just enter your credential and it will create your Outfy account.

That’s it. You’ll be presented with the Network page where you can connect your preferred social networks, complete the setup process and start posting your blogs.

What's more
This feature is available in manual and automated forms. Connect your wordpress site today. And watch this space for more cool updates from Outfy.