Pinteresting news for Outfy users

If you use Pinterest, you know it has Boards. And that Boards have Sections. And - if you have used Sections - that Sections help you navigate disparate, thickly populated Boards easily. For example, if you have a Board titled Fashion, you can section it into various categories of fashion.

You can learn more about Pinterest sections here -

The great news is that Outfy users can now post directly to Pinterest sections in addition to Boards. Experience its conveniences first-hand. But don't take our word for it.

Here’s how to get started with:

  • Go to Networks page, present on the left panel.
  • Click on Pinterest tab. A new dropdown of Sections is present below your boards. If you don’t see your sections, click on the “Refresh” icon besides the boards dropdown. It will sync all your boards and sections

    Pinterest sections

  • From now onwards, while posting a product or any engaging content on Pinterest, you will get an option to post on sections as well.

What's more?
Not only this, you can completely automate your postings to Pinterest sections as well. Edit your Autopilots and you will be able to select your choice of Boards and Sections. Outfy does the rest.