Woohoo! It’s WooCommerce on Outfy

Great news! Outfy now supports WooCommerce stores.

Stores on WooCommerce can be connected to Outfy, promoted using Outfy, and more with Outfy.

WooCommerce with Outfy is a great way to woo customers. Stores on WooCommerce will fall in love at first sight with Outfy.

Here's how to connect your WooCommerce store to Outfy:

1. Find “Add Shop” located on the left panel

2. Click on “WooCommerce” icon to add your new shop

3. Enter your WooCommerce store credentials to authorize Outfy

4. Outfy will automatically pull your store products

5. Get ready for the show!

Happy wooing customers. Take care. We’ll be back soon with more such woohoo updates.