Post Templates

Personalize your posts going out from your Outfy account

"PERSONALIZE" your posts

This feature helps you personalize your posts going out from your Outfy account, so that they don't look automated at all

Follows your Directions

You can set the specific settings' template for each network once, so that all posts going out through your account can be in your chosen / desired format.

Add-in text to posts

You can choose to even add-in standard text to all your posts, that is maybe not there even on your online store like "free shipping", "inclusive of all taxes", or "limited period offer, hurry", etc.

Preview Templates

Before you save a template, you can preview it so that you know what will be going out to your friends / followers on the social media.

Sale / Promotion Announcement

Outfy provides you preset templates available for promotions, that you can fully customize as per your requirements
and use to catch more eyeballs on the social media, without much time investment from your end

See the result for yourself

And you can see the increased traffic

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Wheel of Promotion

Available exclusively with Outfy tool and app

Increased traffic
& sales

This is a combination of “sale / promotion announcement” and “autopilot”, rolled into one, to get the most effective results (increased traffic and sales)

Personalized feel to your
automated promotions

As the promotions are rotated, they do not look automated or robotic at all, but give the target audience a personalized feel

Smart promotions, without
time investment

Wheel of promotion intelligently blends different sale/promotion templates with your product image so that your social media followers see a different promotional image everytime they come across your post. This helps to generate maximum engagement for your promotions.

New promotion announcement everytime

You customize your sale / promotion announcements and like in autopilot, Outfy’s “wheel of promotion” feature will pick and post a new promotion announcement everytime, as per your chosen frequency / network selection / time slot preference


  • Plan all your social media posts for the day or several weeks in advance using Outfy’s planner.
  • You have the complete freedom to strategize your social media marketing activity, and Outfy will execute same for you as your efficient social media marketing assistant
  • Choose the product, set-up the date/time and choose the networks for each post, and Outfy will post it on your behalf as per your preferred settings.
  • You can choose the same product to go out on different networks at the same time, or even choose a variety of products for separate networks – entire your choice

Multiple Shop access from one single Outfy account

You can attach your multiple online stores on any / all of the 9 platforms Outfy supports 
(Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Zibbet, Storenvy, Weebly amongst others)
to one single Outfy account, and manage your complete social media marketing from 1 place

Attach Multiple shops

You can attach your multiple stores – as many as you may have - on any of the 9 platforms Outfy supports, to one single Outfy account itself.

Maintaining Accounts

You can promote the products of all the stores from one Outfy login itself, while still maintaining separate social media accounts for all the shops

Most Economical Option - Sharing the Credits

You can compile and also share the credits amongst all your shops in any proportion you may wish. So you can go in for the super saver package, and buy credits at the most economic rate possible, and use them for all your stores combinedly.