Canva meets Outfy

Canva is an application that helps you create striking images. It is an image creation and manipulation app. It is easy to use. It is extremely popular. And it is a great tool to create promotions.

Outfy users can now use Canva within Outfy and share the images and promotions they create across social media platforms. If you're new to Canva or aren't sure how to use it, here is a quick primer.

  • Click on the "Canva/Giphy" option to use Canva. Then click on "Design with Canva" button.
  • Login with existing canva account or signup for one.
  • Choose any template from the given options on the left side (suggestions). For e.g "Sale Social Graphic".
  • The template is populated on the right side, which is the main editable area. You can edit any text or modify any graphics. Hit the "Publish" button on top right when done
  • The image is created and you are taken to the "Share/Post" page of Outfy. You can now post it to your favorite social networks.