Upload and Use your own Stickers

Outfy users can now create and upload their own stickers to use in collages, reviews, and other places where stickers are used. This is an addition to the stickers already available for use on Outfy. Here is a screenshot to help you see what this new feature looks like on the interface.

How to upload custom stickers

The direct option to upload and use your stickers is available on the Editor page of each feature as can be seen above.

Additionally, these custom promotional Stickers can also be uploaded through the “Media” page. The below screenshots show the right way for doing it.

What's more!

So redefine and decorate your Collages, Promotions and Reviews with your custom designed stickers and show it to your followers and customers. They will surely love it.

Please note:

  • While you can upload up to 20 stickers, you can always keep adding new stickers by replacing old ones.
  • Only jpeg and png files are allowed and the maximum file size is 500 kb
Happy Stickering!