Direct posting on Instagram through Zapier

Earlier, direct posting on Instagram via Outfy was not possible. You had to enable push notifications. Our collaboration with Zapier resolved this issue. Now you can post directly on Instagram via Zapier. Briefly, this is how it works.

First, make sure your Instagram account is connected to Outfy - it will show under Connected Accounts.

We will now summarise how you can use Zapier to schedule, publish directly, and share posts on Instagram. We will also link you to a page with a complete guide on how to publish Instagram posts using Zapier. But first, the summary.

  • Create a Zapier account if you don't have one already. It's free.
  • Link your Outfy account to Zapier.
  • Connect your Instagram business account to Zapier.
  • Start publishing using Outfy

What we have listed are the basic steps you need to take to use Zapier and Outfy to publish your posts easily on Instagram. A guide that details each step is available here.