New! For your GIFs, Collages, and Videos

Creating GIFs, Collages, and Video's is easy and fun on Outfy. Now this new feature update makes it better.

Until now, GIFs, Collages, and Videos on Outfy could be created using only existing product images from the store. Now the same can be done with any image or images uploaded from any other sources - like your Desktop or Mobile.

This gives Outfy users more ways and options to create engaging content for their followers.

Try this new feature:

  • Go to your regular Collages, GIFs or Videos page, present on the left panel.
  • You will find a new entry “Create from Uploaded Images”

    Create from uploaded images

  • Choose images which you have already uploaded on Outfy. If you don't know how to upload images, go to the Media page under “Create Posts” and upload your custom images.

That’s it! Create your engaging content with the power of Outfy.