Engaging content now for your Store as well

Outfy helps you curate interesting content for various social media channels. Using tools offered by Outfy, you can create engaging custom content like Collages, Animated Gifs, and enticing Videos to promote your store on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Now, Outfy makes it possible for you to share the same engaging & powerful content - also on your store. Put simply, Outfy can now help your store attract more eyeballs on your Store too.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Just go to your Activity page.
  • Identify the activity type you wish to upload to your store, choose the store icon next to it, and click Upload.

The screencaps shown below will help make how to do this clear.

Note : This feature is available to only Shopify and Bigcommerce users. We are working on making it happen for other stores as well. So stay tuned! Additionally, the feature is available to only Enterprise customers.