What is PromoQ?

PromoQ is the smart and intelligent way to automate your promotions for various occasions and events, allowing you to schedule them up to 15 days in advance.

Benefits of PromoQ:

  • Time-Saving Automation: Creation and posting occur automatically, saving you valuable time.
  • Stunning Templates: Access fresh, visually appealing templates that capture attention.
  • Diverse Content: Avoid monotony with new promotional content posted each time.
  • Engagement Boost: Increase engagement through smart mix-and-match content strategies.

PromoQ List:

Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of all your promotions or PromoQs. Similar to Outfy SmartQs, you can utilize the action buttons to view, edit, stop, or remove a promotion. To start a new promotion, simply click the “+Create New PromoQ” button located at the top right corner.

Type of Promotions

With PromoQ, you can create and run three types of promotions:

  • Store Wide: Launch promotions across all your products, ideal for store wide sales.
  • Product Category: Target specific category for focused promotions.
  • Single Product: Highlight individual products, whether bestsellers or newly launched items, for targeted promotion.

Create and run a PromoQ

To create and launch a PromoQ campaign, follow these steps:

1. Access PromoQ Option:

Click on the 'PromoQ' option located in the left panel, as illustrated in the image below:

2. Choose Promotion Type:

Select the type of promotion you want to create: Store Wide, Product Category, or Single Product.

3. Select Promotional Theme:

Next, pick the suitable promotional theme from the categorized sections, as shown in the image below:

  • Occasion: Find templates tailored for upcoming major events like Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.
  • Offers and Specials: Explore routine promotions such as Flash Sale, Clearance Sale, Special Offers, etc.
  • New Arrivals: If you have a new product to showcase, discover eye-catching templates in this section.

PromoQ settings:

Once you've chosen the appropriate promotional type and theme, proceed to configure the PromoQ settings swiftly.

General Settings:

In the General tab, you'll find fundamental settings related to PromoQ. Outfy automatically generates a name for your PromoQ, but you can edit it to make it more suitable. A sample preview on the right side provides an idea of the promotional image to be used in your campaigns.

  • Promo Title Part 1 & 2: Choose from various pre-set promo titles like Flash Sale, Hot Sale, Daily Sale, or Special Offer. If none fit, set a custom name by selecting "Custom" from the dropdowns.
  • Promotional Text: This is your primary offer, such as "Up to 50% off" or "Flash 30% off." Add multiple texts; Outfy will rotate them randomly in templates. Press Enter to add more text.
  • Coupon Code: Add your code if applicable; remove if not.
  • Start Date: Specify when your promotion begins.
  • Duration (Days): Set the number of days for the promotion.
  • Posts/Network/Day: Choose the number of daily posts (ideal: 1-2 posts per day).
  • Store Logo: Include your brand logo in each promotional image.
  • AI Caption and Hashtags: Enable AI to generate captions based on your promotional theme and product details. Set your own caption if you prefer. (We utilize OpenAI's APIs to generate captions with Emojis and hashtags for your promotions. We create a unique caption and hashtags for each promotion, tailored to the specific type of promotion, such as a 'Flash Sale,' and the product details.)
  • Select Day(s) of the Week to Post: Choose specific weekdays for your promotions; disable weekends if needed.
  • Select Posting Time: Specify the time range for your postings. For instance, if you set PromoQ to post between 9 am and 9 pm, it will adhere to this schedule. Outfy displays your default time zone but allows you to change it for your postings.

Choose Templates:

Navigate to the Templates section to select the specific templates you want PromoQ to utilize. Outfy will automatically choose and rotate these promotional templates.

Select Networks:

In this section, specify the social media networks where you wish to publish your content. Toggle the buttons next to each network to either ON or OFF.

Finally, click on “CREATE PROMOTION” to initiate your campaign. Outfy will promptly begin generating your promotional content and schedule it across your social accounts. You can monitor all your upcoming posts under the “Promotions” tab on the Schedule Posts page.