What is outfy?
Outfy is a productivity tool for online sellers & retailers to increase their social reach by sharing and promoting their products on social networks and social e-commerce/shopping sites. Outfy makes it super easy to share products on these networks and saves a lot of time. Sharing & promoting to varied social networks all at once enhances the popularity of a product and this further results in accelerated traffic and sales.
How does it work?
Outfy makes sharing products to all your social networks an easy and quick process. Here is how you can do it:
  • Sign up with us in under 5 seconds.
  • Connect your social networks with your Outfy account ( Your information is completely safe with us, know more here)
  • Import your whole store/shop and start sharing products.
  • Select the social networks you want to share to and hit Publish.
  • Sit back and relax, as we happily do the rest of the work for you.
Do I need to share my account details every time I share a new product?
No, you only need to share your social network details once. However, if you change any account information like password/username for any of your accounts, you will need to update it to Outfy as well. Or else sharing to that particular network will fail.
Why does a sharing fail for a particular website?
There could be many reasons for that.
  • If you have changed any of your account information on a particular network and not updated it with Outfy, the sharing will fail.
  • Sometimes the internet gods just don’t favor us and there is a network failure.
  • The network in question may have changed something on their site causing our system to show an error.
  • At times, it is our own tech monkeys to blame. Though we try really hard to ensure they are fed well and share your products without any failure.
What is "Import your shop" and how can I use it?
Are you a store owner at Shopify, Ecwid, Bigcartel, Etsy, Storenvy, Folksy etc? Then importing and sharing all your products, one by one, to different social networks using URLs might be a bummer. So, the "Import your shop" feature lets you import all your store items to Outfy dashboard in one go. You can choose to share them all at once to different social channels or schedule them as you like.

We currently support some of the online marketplaces for this feature and working hard to integrate more. If you have your store on a marketplace that is not on the list, click here and we shall be happy to start integrating it.
What is immediate and scheduled sharing?
Immediate means we queue your product immediately and it should get shared almost instantly.

However, when you want to share it at a preferred time of yours - you can decide a future date and time for your product (as per your time zone) for each network. After scheduling, you can alter or cancel it upto 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This happens because our servers queue the sharings 15 minutes before their scheduled time.
Can sharing be scheduled as per my convenience?
Yes, it is possible to share your products for a later time or you can share them instantly. You would be prompted to select one of the options just before you click "Share" button.
I am unable to connect my Facebook Page/Account. Why?
Facebook connect doesn’t seem to work right always. The popup disappears abruptly and nothing happens. In such cases, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open Facebook in another browser tab.
  2. Go to applications page - https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications.
  3. Search/Look out for Outfy app. In case it’s available, please remove it. Ensure to properly search it.
  4. Now completely Logout of your Facebook account.
  5. Come back to Outfy and try connecting Facebook Page/Account again.

Still no luck? Facebook connect works best on Chrome browser. If you are using IE/Safari/Mozilla, try switching to Chrome. This is just one time process and you can always go back to your Favorite browser later.

What is Autopilot/Autoposting?
Well, we have so say, this is one of the most compelling feature of Outfy which every seller looks out for.

If you wish to completely hand over the task of sharing/posting of your products to Outfy, Autopilot is the ONE you should definitely take advantage of. With Autopilot, you no more have to worry about sharing or scheduling your products every day. Just enable it, let us know your preferred time and number of products you wish to share everyday and Outfy will do the rest.

So how does it work?

  • Outfy picks up a handful of random products and schedules it for the next day.
  • The scheduled list is prepared everyday so that your latest products stay on priority.
  • The products are shared only on networks you choose to.
  • Once all your products get shared at least once, they are auto rotated.
  • Outfy plans your daily schedule in the best possible way which befits without breaking the norm of your social networks.
  • Your old inventory gets the chance to move generating your more sales.
  • You can always view your next day schedule via Planner.
How creating a promotion/sale announcement works on Outfy? (NEW)

Now you can create promotional content/sale announcement about your products and push them to social networks through your Outfy account itself. Its super easy and quick, all in one place!


  • Choose a product you want to promote/offer on sale
  • Outfy will pull its image from your estore
  • Customise the announcement choosing one of our preset templates available, that best suits your product
  • Enter the promotion/sale dates (starting and ending)
  • Select the number of times you want to share your promotion/sale announcement content on each of your chosen social media networks
  • That’s all it takes! Your promotion/sale announcement is ready to be posted
  • You can even "Edit" your promotion posts, just in case if you want to
  • All of it takes just few seconds

If you create the promotion/sale announcement from "Share" Page, you can select any product image for promotion as per your choice

If you create the promotion/sale announcement from "Promotions" page, Outfy auto selects your product’s default image for promotion.


  • We have a large set of beautiful images you can use as promotion image
  • Alternatively, you can upload your own promotion image
  • Add promotional content on top of the image
  • Enter the promotion/sale dates (starting and ending)
  • Select the number of times you want to share your promotion/sale announcement content on each of your chosen social media networks
  • That’s all it takes! Your promotion/sale announcement is ready to be posted
  • You can even "Edit" your promotion posts, just in case if you want to
  • All of it takes just few seconds

Just few basic rules to follow:

  • You can setup a promotion/sale announcement for next day onwards. Starting a Sale on the same day of post creation is not yet supported
  • Do not push same content more than 12 times per day on a single network
  • We push promotions evenly distributed between 9 AM to midnight in a single day
  • If you want to exclude a particular network, just put "0" in the box given after the network

** Using this new "promotion/sale announcement" creation feature comes to you at "No additional cost" (for a limited period only). You will only be charged "2 credits per share" as and when you actually post the promotions on your chosen networks **

How to make use of post Templates on Outfy? (NEW)

Post templates are the pillars of your social posts and are used as a means to control and beautify them. This is primarily done with the help of a couple of relevant template fields:

  • <<product_title>> refers product title
  • <<product_price>> refers product price
  • <<product_tags>> refers product tags
  • <<product_url>> refers product full url or link
  • <<product_desc>> refers product description
  • <<tag_cloud>> refers your hash cloud on Outfy

So wherever the above mentioned fields appear in your template, they’ll be replaced with the actual values of a product during sharing/posting. Additionally you can set the maximum number of hashtags to be added in a post to prevent overloading with hashtags.

Every social network maintains its own template to provide you the maximum level of customization and regulation.

However in case of text overflow (some networks observe character limits for e.g Twitter), Outfy follows a few basic rules while creating the final share/post based on the configured template:

  1. In case of an entry of URL/link (<<product_url>> or any custom url), it is given the highest priority and at least one(first one) is ensured a place in the post
  2. @mentions/hashtags/links/product price are removed as a whole and not partially stripped
  3. Line breaks are respected and preserved
  4. Extra characters are stripped off from the end till they perfectly fit in

As an example, let’s consider a product which has the following attributes:

Title - Antique Gold Wedding Band Diamond Buckle Ring
Price - $ 300.00
URL - https://boylerpf.com/products/antique-gold-wedding-band-diamond-buckle-ring
Tags - #jewellery #gottohave #instafashion #antique #diamond #fashionable #ornament

Now lets assume template for Facebook & Twitter to be the same and as below:


Outfy tries to construct the post by replacing the above template fields with their actual values and comes up with the following:

Antique Gold Wedding Band Diamond Buckle Ring
#jewellery #gottohave #instafashion #antique #diamond #fashionable #ornament
$ 300.00

The above constructed text works perfect for Facebook but exceeds Twitter limit and so the text is reduced based on the basic rules of Outfy and finally comes out to be:

Antique Gold Wedding Band Diamond Buckle Ring
#jewellery #gottohave #instafashion #antique

How is it different from earlier creation of posts ?

We would say, its an epic leap. Imagine, earlier you wanted to prefix this static text - ‘Authentic Handmade Stuff. Free worldwide shipping!’ in every post, the only way was to manually add it every time.

Well now, its perfectly in your hands. Just define it in the Post Template in tandem with other fields. It will automatically get included and the golden post will be ready for you the way you actually expect it to be

How does it effect Autopilot users ?

Autopilot users - please pay attention to the new template introduction. This can be quite tricky if you don’t frame up your templates properly especially for Twitter where character limit is a big constraint and text gets stripped off. Add the template fields at the beginning which are important for you.

A few essential tips for constructing your Twitter template

  • if you wish to add a few hashtags to every post, we suggest add them in the beginning
  • Add static texts at the beginning to ensure that they remain intact and don’t get stripped off. For e.g ‘Free Shipping on all items….’
  • If price is a must, you can just start the post as “Priced at only <<product_price>> …”

Lastly for all other social networks, you are absolutely free to customize and configure the Templates the way you want to!

** Great News! Outfy mobile apps are now fully compatible with Post Templates **

What if I do not have an account on some of the social networks shown on Outfy?
If you do not have an account on any of the networks, you can know more about them here and create an account on their website. Next simply share your account information to connect it with your Outfy.
I log on to We Heart It using Facebook/Twitter/Google. So why doesn't Outfy allow me to use my Facebook/Twitter/Google credentials to connect to We Heart It?
Facebook/Twitter/Google, for your own safety, does not allow 3rd party authorization. And hence it is essential to have an email account on We Heart It, in order to connect with Outfy. If however you don’t have an e-mail login and password for We Heart It, let us guide you through it – without altering your existing profile/account. Get instructions here.
I log on to Fancy using Facebook/Twitter/Google. So why doesn't Outfy allow me to use my Facebook/Twitter/Google credentials to connect to Fancy?
Facebook/Twitter/Google, for your own safety, does not allow 3rd party authorization. And hence it is essential to have an email account on Fancy, in order to connect with Outfy. If however you don’t have an e-mail login and password for Fancy, let us guide you through it – without altering your existing profile/account. Get instructions here.
Why should I share my products to social media and social e-commerce sites?
Social is the future of retail. Social media and social e-commerce websites have taken a huge leap in the last couple of years. Users are now making their purchasing choices socially and they even maintain a list of the all the things they like and discover newer products through these websites. Moreover most of these social networks are free for retailers like yourself, and you can leverage the reach of these sites for your products.
Why does Outfy charge for sharing to these websites?
Outfy does not charge for sharing to social networks. We only charge you for using our easy, simple and reliable productivity tool and platform - which allows you to share to many social networks at once and helps you manage the reach of your products to potential buyers. We aim to help you in reducing the time to share on these sites individually and provide better insights on how your products have been performing on different social and social e-commerce sites.
I do not know about many of the social networks listed on Outfy. How do I get to know more about them?
Team Outfy provides a quick summary about each of the websites – who they are, what makes them special and their Alexa Rankings. You can find it all here.
I am worried about the security of my credentials. How do you guarantee that they will be safe?
We at Outfy, take security of our users very seriously. We follow International standard practices of security. All your credentials are encrypted and stored safely in our database. We do not sell or share these credentials with anyone. Also, we do not use your credentials for anything else except sharing your products that you have authorized and gathering the analytics.
If I have already selected a collection or board or shelf, can I share to a different collection or board or shelf later?
Yes, you can change your collection and board any time you want. Go to the Connect page, click on the edit button on a channel. Skip the authentication information. The next step allows you to change the collection or board or shelf for next set of products you want to share.
How does Instagram work with Outfy
Share/Schedule your products on Instagram in the Safest, Easiest & Quickest way via Outfy.

Unlike other networks, Outfy won’t be able to share/promote products automatically. This comes as a limitation from Instagram itself. As per Instagram’s Terms of Use, only Instagram has the right to upload photos via native Instagram app. Anyone who violates this rule will end in getting their account banned!
  • Connect your Instagram account (this is one time process).
  • Use Outy web or mobile to share/schedule your product.
  • Open the push notification which will quickly open the native Instagram app with the product photo & caption ready. All you need to do is confirm and publish the product to your account.

1.  Connect your Instagram account

  • Get started by installing Outfy mobile app from here
  • Login to Outfy app in the same way as on Web (Email or Facebook).
  • Connect Instagram account from Web/Desktop or Mobile; Make sure it’s the same account which you are using on Instagram mobile app
    • Web : Navigate to Connect page.
    • Mobile : Choose any product to share; Instagram will appear as the first option amongst others.

2.  Use Outy web or mobile to share/schedule your product

  • Now choose any favorite product to share on Instagram along with other networks.
  • Add caption or promotional text for your product.
  • Share immediately or schedule for later.
* Easily share/schedule on Instagram from web if you prefer using Outfy web/desktop.

3.  Open push notification on Mobile to complete the process

This is the last step and has to be executed manually; we understand its a pain but Instagram does not allow fully automatic sharing/posting. But we do the heavy lifting by making the product photo and caption available for you at the time of sharing.

Note - You need to have Outfy and Instagram apps installed on your mobile to complete the process.
  • A push notification will be pushed on your mobile device asking you to share the product.
  • In case you have scheduled it, you will get a notification at the specified time.
  • Open the push notification, Outfy app will quickly take you to the native Instagram app with photo and caption.
  • Tap/Long press your finger in the caption box to paste your caption; we automatically copy caption for you - all you need to do is just paste.
Watch video of how it works on -
That’s all of it!