Getting started with Outfy!

What is Outfy?
Why is social media important for store promotions?
How can an online seller benefit from Outfy?
Which store providers does Outfy support?
Do I need a separate login/password for Outfy?
Can I add multiple shops to the same Outfy account?
How often do you sync my store?

Social networks

Which social media networks does Outfy support?
How do I reconnect a social media account?
Wrong account connected - how to fix it?
Added a new Pinterest board - how do I refresh?
Why do I need to reconnect a Network ?
As a non-English user, why can’t I connect to Instagram?
How can I share multiple images in a post ?

Engaging Content

What types of content can Outfy create and share?
How to create a Collage of your product images?
How to create an animated GIF of your product images?
How to create a Professional Video of your product images?
How to create Sale Promotions?

Billing & Plans

What happens when I upgrade my subscription?
What happens when I downgrade my subscription?
What happens when I cancel my subscription?
What happens when I delete my account or Uninstall Outfy?
I was entitled for a discount but did not receive it, what should I do ?
What do I get in the FREE Forever Plan ?

Smart Automation

What is SmartQ?
Can SmartQ schedule all types of content for all networks ?
What is Blog SmartQ?


Why do I need to reconnect a Network ?


Do I need to share my account details every time I share a new product?
Why does a sharing fail for a particular website?
What is "Import your shop" and how can I use it?
Why does Outfy charge for sharing to these websites?
I am worried about the security of my credentials. How do you guarantee that they will be safe?
If I have already selected a collection or board or shelf, can I share to a different collection or board or shelf later?
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