Post Templates Guide

1. What are post or caption templates ?

Templates, Post Templates or Caption templates refer to the same thing in Outfy. Outfy Post Templates are the way to create and use these elements of promotional text automatically, intelligently, and repeatedly. This short, easy guide will show you how.

Note: When you sign up, Outfy creates a set of default templates for each of your connected networks.

2. Templates Page

When you land on this page, you will see a list of templates (default and created by you) for your social media posts.

You can create, edit, and delete your templates on this page. You may, if you wish to, delete default templates - if you do, the next template in your list becomes your default template.

Note: Outfy requires at least one template to create captions for your posts.

To create, edit, or use templates, click on the part highlighted in the above screencap.

3. Create Template

Template Name

Give your template a meaningful name. Please avoid using special characters like @, #, !, comma, etc. in your name. Some examples: Morning template, Fashion special, or Sunset selection


You will see separate tabs for each social media network. You have to edit the template for each network. Each network has its own preview and save button.

Template text

This is the section where you add promotional text, a title, captions (for Facebook share image template), and hashtags. You can choose the same text for all networks or change the text, but you have to enter this information for each network by clicking on their respective tabs. Lastly, if you want certain hashtags to go with each post, add them in template.

Note: start each hashtag with “#” sign. For example: #fashion, #eveningwear, or #salerush


Templates have placeholders. It is where you enter actual product information. Placeholders are defined by Outfy, they correspond to different product and store attributes. They work like this.

PRODUCT_TITLE stands for the name of your product

For example, if your template is: “Buy PRODUCT_TITLE exclusively from us with free shipping” and your product name is Solid Black Shirt, the caption of your post will become “Buy Solid Black Shirt exclusively from us with free shipping”

The same principle applies to the following placeholders: PRODUCT_DESC, PRODUCT_PRICE, PRODUCT_TAGS, PRODUCT_URL, STORE_URL (the domain name of your store).

If your store provider allows you to define product tags and you have actually set up product tags on your store, PRODUCT_TAGS will be replaced by the actual tags of your products.

For example, if your store name is and your template is “Buy PRODUCT_TITLE exclusively from us at STORE_URL” and your product name is Solid Black Shirt, then the caption of your post will be “Buy Solid Black Shirt exclusively from us at

TAG_CLOUD is replaced by the tags defined by you in Outfy’s hashtags section. Note: not all tags are included in each post, depending on your settings and network limitations, we randomly choose a few hashtags.

PRODUCT_TAGS is different from TAG_CLOUD. While PRODUCT_TAGS is replaced by the tags defined by you on a product at your store, TAG_CLOUD is the default tag cloud created by you at Outfy.

Preview Template

Once you set up your template, use the preview button to see how it looks and reads on a sample product - shown at the bottom of the page. For the purposes of template creation and preview, a product is randomly chosen from your store.

Save Template

Finally, if you like what you see in the preview, save your template. Your saved template is added to your list of templates and will be used for your social media posts.