How to create Product Animated GIFs?

1. Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are fun, eye-catching, and, when done well, very share-worthy. Happily, Outfy has created an easy-to-use Animated GIF maker for you. This quick and easy How to Outfy Animated GIF Guide will help you make the most of it.

When you log in, you will find GIFs option to your left. The screencap shows you exactly where.

2. Autopilot your Animated GIF or Do it yourself or Giphy

You can either let Autopilot create an Animated GIF for you or do it yourself (in two kinds) or pick one to share from Giphy. Here is the Autopilot an Animated GIF Guide.

Single Product Animated GIF

Pick/add a product from your store - the Animated GIF maker will use it to create different kinds of Animated GIFs.

Multiple Product Animated GIF

Pick/add the products you want to use for the Animated GIF (you may add a maximum of four). The Animated GIF maker will use these products to create different kinds of Animated GIFs.

3. Share an Animated GIF from Giphy

Giphy has a vast selection of cool, readymade animated GIFs. If that's the way you want to go, click on the Giphy section, choose an animated GIF you like, and share.

Add a Sticker

Add a sticker to your Animated GIF. There are several on offer. Pick one - For example, Deal of the Day or Fresh Arrivals. It's up to you.

Add a Backgrounds

We have many attractive backgrounds for you. Take your pick - for example, floral, spiral, or checks. It's up to you.

Scale your GIF

When it comes to Scaling, you have three options - Scale but don't crop, scale and crop, and don't scale or crop. Go with the one that feels right.

Speed your GIF

We have a simple speedo-ruler that goes from Slow to Fast and vice versa. Choose your Animated GIF speed.

4. Show Examples of GIF

Your Animated GIF is ready to share. Here are a few for you to compare with.


5. Share your GIF

Share your Animated GIF on a social media network, along with a short (ideally, not more than 30 words) message. You may also schedule it for later and decide how many times you want it to be shared. Happy Sharing!