Connect Facebook

1. Before you begin

  • To add a Facebook Business Page to Outfy, you need to be an Admin of that page. To learn more, see Manage Page Settings in the Facebook Help Center.
  • You won’t be able to add a Facebook Page if you don’t grant Outfy all the necessary permissions
  • Personal Facebook profiles, including those in professional mode, are not supported in Outfy due to limitations set by Facebook

2. Connect Facebook pages

  • In a separate browser tab or window, log out of Facebook.
  • On Outfy, go to the Networks page (located on the left panel). Click on the Facebook tab to proceed
  • If your Facebook page is not connected to Outfy, you will see a button - Add Facebook Account. Click on the button and start connecting your Facebook business pages. A window will appear that says this: Continue with Facebook.

  • Another box will prompt you to log in to your Facebook account. Enter your Facebook account credentials (email and password), and then select Log In

  • Select Continue as [profile name]. This does not add your profile to Outfy, it only authorizes Outfy to access any Pages associated with it.

  • On the next screen, it's very important not to change any of the permissions. (You won't see these steps if you already have another Facebook or Instagram account connected to Outfy that was authorized earlier)

    You may click Choose What You Allow, expand all sections and make sure all permissions have been granted. Do not uncheck any permissions.

    Click Continue to proceed.

  • In the next window you will see all your Facebook Business pages listed. If you have multiple pages, you can set the default publishing Page to a different one.

    This completes the Facebook integration to Outfy.

3. Troubleshooting

If you encounter any problems while adding a Facebook account, check the following solutions to resolve them.

  • Your Page is grayed out and you cannot select it

    If your Page is grayed out, you don’t have the required Page permissions to add it to Outfy. You need an Admin or Editor role if it’s a classic Page, or Facebook access with full control or partial control on a Page in the new Pages experience. See the Facebook help article See your Facebook Page role or access.

  • Your Page is not present in the list

    Verify in your Facebook account's Business Integrations that Outfy has access to manage all of your Pages:

    • Go to your Facebook account’s business integrations:
    • Find Outfy app under the Active tab and select View and edit next to Outfy.
    • If you see any lists of Facebook Pages that you own in the Outfy integration settings, make sure they are all selected, and then select Save.

    • Come back to Outfy and click the ‘Refresh’ icon besides your list of pages in the Facebook section. Your newly permitted pages should appear now.
  • Facebook window disappears abruptly

    If you're not seeing a Facebook login window, it's likely because your browser's popup blockers are active. To resolve this, please temporarily disable your popup blockers and then proceed to connect your Facebook account.

  • Reset and start all over

    If you've attempted all the previously mentioned steps without success, it's advisable to start over by following these instructions:

    • Visit your Facebook account's business integrations page at:
    • Locate the Outfy app within the "Active" tab and click on "Remove" next to Outfy.
    • After successfully removing the app, return to Outfy and navigate to the Networks page. Disconnect any existing accounts and then reconnect them. Be sure to grant all the necessary permissions when prompted.