Hashtags Guide

1. Hashtags and its usage

Hashtags are an integral part of social media promotions. Well chosen hashtags help users find your product easily. Intelligent hashtags insure better search results.

Hashtags should always be relevant. They can also be witty or funny. This easy guide will help you understand how hashtags work on Outfy.

When you sign up, Outfy creates a default hashtag cloud for you to use in social media your posts. Outfy also allows you to create your own hashtag cloud.

Ideally each hashtag cloud should contain similar tags, applicable to a category of products. You can create as many hashtag clouds as you want.

You can also map your hashtag clouds to your product categories. Outfy will then pick tags from the mapped tag cloud for a category, in which your product is. Mapping of hashtag clouds is used only in Autopilot.

2. Hashtags Page

Access and set up your hashtag clouds by clicking HASHTAGS from your left panel on the screencap. This page lists your hashtag clouds. Next to Against each cloud, you will see two buttons and a check box.

The Use as default on Share Page check box allows you to select which hashtags will be picked up when you share a product on social media. You can have only one cloud as default from your hashtag clouds.

Clicking on the Edit button opens a new page, where you can modify the name of your cloud and edit your hashtags. The changes will be applicable only to the posts created after you have saved the changes. Clicking on the Delete button will delete your hashtag cloud.

Note: if a hashtag cloud is being used as default or in any of your Autopilot task, you will not be able to delete it until you remove its default status or from your autopilot tasks.

3. Create Hashtag Cloud

Click on Create new Hashtag Cloud to create a new cloud. It will open a new page to create the new cloud.


Name your new hashtag cloud. This name will appear in the list of hashtag clouds. In the next box, start typing hashtags. Separate them by a space or a comma or press the enter key after each hashtag you type in.

Press Save when you are done.


Mapping your hashtag clouds with categories is useful in Autopilot. When you map your hashtag clouds with your product categories, you can set up your Autopilot task to use that mapping. Click on Map Categories with Hashtag Cloud on the list of hashtag clouds. An overlay opens.

Proceed with the mapping with the below instructions:

  • Select a category from drop down menu.
  • Select the hashtag cloud from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the ADD button to map them together.

A few seconds after you do this, the list will be updated with the new mapping. Click on the cross icon to close the overlay once you are done.