We are excited to announce that now you can directly post on your Instagram Business account with Outfy. This integration will allow you to publish single-image posts directly into your account without the need for a push notification reminder. All you need to do is get a free Zapier account!

Before we start, there are some rule or points which you need to remember :

  • In the FREE zapier plan, you can share almost 100 posts in 1 month, and the limit refreshes every month so you don’t need to worry about buying any plan!
  • GIFs and Videos are still not supported due to API limitations from Zapier or Instagram. They still need to be posted through the same phone reminders/notifications process. Please do not ignore those specific notifications.
  • Instagram business account - Make sure your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook account (and if not, you can learn more from here (https://www.facebook.com/business/help/898752960195806)

NOTE: You should be an owner/admin of the Facebook Page which is linked to the Instagram Business Profile to enable direct publishing through this method.

Let’s get started

1. Create a Zapier Account

Create a free Zapier Account (https://zapier.com/). (If already have one, jump to step 2)

2. Create a Zap

A In the Zapier dashboard, click on “MAKE A ZAP” on the left-hand side menu.

B In this newly opened window, search for Outfy from the list of available applications under "Choose App & Event" and select Outfy.

C A Trigger Event “Instagram Post” is selected by default, now you just need to click on CONTINUE

D Click on Sign In to Outfy button

E To continue further, you will need a Zapier API key which is tied to your Outfy and Instagram account. Open Instagram settings(click on the down arrow of Instagram section) on the Networks page, turn on "Zapier Status" button to reveal your API key.

Copy and paste the Zapier API Key in the textbox and click on Yes,Continue button.

F After successful verification, click on CONTINUE button.

G Outfy is set up in your Zapier account. Click on the Test trigger button to make sure everything is set up and working properly.

H Click on CONTINUE button and you are done with the trigger part of the setup.

3. Connecting Instagram

Now you need to connect your Instagram Business account and we are all set to share Instagram post on your behalf.

A Search for Instagram for Business (Beta) under Choose App & Event and select it.

B An Action Event “Publish Photo” is selected by default, click on the CONTINUE button to proceed.

C Click on Sign In to Instagram for Business account button. You can enter the credentials of your Facebook account linked with your Instagram account to log in.

D Once connected, you will see your connected Account as shown below. Then click on CONTINUE Button.

E In the Customize Media, we need to select the appropriate account, caption and Image which will be shared on Instagram.

F Start by selecting the right Instagram Account To Use from the dropdown menu.

G click on the Photo section which reveals a dropdown menu and then select Instagram Image from it. Press on the X icon to close the dropdown.

H Click in the Caption section to reveal a dropdown menu and then select Instagram Caption from it.

I Skip the selection for Tagged User and Location since, in Outfy, we don't have this option to add when you create a post. Now click on the CONTINUE button.

J Now click on SKIP TEST to avoid publishing a sample post to your actual Instagram account.

Congratulations, your Zap is ready. Turn it ON!

4. Start Publishing from Outfy

  • You are all set up in Zapier. Now head back to Outfy.
  • If your Zapier connection is properly established, you will see the “Zapier status” set to ON in Instagram settings on Network pages.
  • Share / Schedule your posts from Outfy and leave the rest to us.