I REALLY like Outfy! Their customer service is great, the app works like a charm. I really like the fact that you can pay as you go, they have great pricing deals as well. I also love the fact that I can have my 2 Etsy shops and my Shopify website all in one place using the same posts and price package. I'm sure they're things that I don't know yet about Outfy but I am really impressed with them and their customer service! Thanks again for a great product!

Dawn Coker | Lil Czech Treasures @ Shopify

I've just started working with this app and I have to say that so far I'm really impressed. It's extremely easy to set up and run and will save me a huge amount of time posting to all my different social media accounts. Thanks Outfy!

Angie Lee | The French Apron Company @ Shopify

Great app that allows you to control not only how much you spend on your social media marketing but when and what you post. If you get the app it also lets you see which posting are getting the most activity so you can narrow down when its the best time to market. NOTE ON INSTAGRAM: The glitch is NOT the app. Instagram does not allow THIRD PARTY POSTING ANYMORE. So the app HAS to work around that by basically letting you copy and post yourself. The app has no control over Instagram policy. Just thought I would state that since many people don't know that and are thinking its the app itself. Overall easy to use and very useful.

Lexi Walters | Shopatfinn @ Shopify

I have tried few similar apps, but this app is the best of them all. It offers alot of features that others don't, and it is exposed to more targeted social media than the basic 4 or 5 ones we already know. It's way more advanced in features than the other ones I have tried. Customer service are super friendly, helpful and kind. They want you to succeed not just use their app. Technical support are professional, prompt and helpful. They work 24/7 to help you. Super friendly. I'm impressed! It's a decent app and a decent team. I highly recommend it.

Amal Hantash | Amal Hantash Fitness @ Shopify

After we built our Shopify site over a year ago, we were still missing something at Fifi & Romeo...that's where Outfy came in... All of the features are out of this world and are helping us move forward, so a HUGE thanks to you for creating this wonderful app! Very HAPPY : )

Yana Syrkin | Fifi & Romeo@Shopify

This App is amazing, takes the headache and long hours of planning your social media posts, the autopilot feature allows you to automate your posting and schedule in advance for weeks ahead, lets you maintain total control over what’s being posted and where including time of day, as well as running special promotions. This App is a must have for anyone looking for an easier way to increase their social media awareness. We highly recommend it.

Flagshipgear | Flagshipgear @ Shopify

This app just made our business's social media campaign so much easier to manage and undertake! The AUTOPILOT option really puts the icing on the cake for this app. Highly suggested! Its also a pay as you go which makes it very convenient. Furthermore it allows you to post on so many social media platforms unlike so many other apps.

Karim | SIMPLMRKT @ Shopify

This is thee best app we have ever come across for anything!! We have been looking for an app that covers all social media in one place and this has accomplished it! With Instagram, the problem has been a photo needs to be store on which device you are using. This is a problem. Especially when you run out of storage. With Outfy, they merge the image for you and prepare it so it is so so sooooo seamless!! Finally!!! This app is worth $$$$$ alone. It has saved us so much time and money especially with being able to schedule posts to any or all social networks at whicher timinging increments we want. Outfy is perfect! Everyone should use it whether for business or personal. Thank you Outfy!!!

Shoppe Vero | ShoppeVero@Shopify

I've just added Outfy to my second store now and am very happy with the performance and service. Whenever I had a concern or issue, customer service was incredibly prompt, courteous and helpful, taking care of whatever needed to be done. I am able to share, promote and create a variety of ads, shout-outs..whatever marketing ploy you prefer. It's easy to use and I really like the credit system instead of a membership..I only use what I need which is helpful because it's just me running everything and overhead adds up. All in all a great app that I will use faithfully :)

Sara | Sara's Super Stock @ Shopify

This is a really versatile app that saves me so much time! The automation and template functions are amazing! Now all I have to worry about is uploading new products to my website and Outfy will post to my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for me using the template I created. Links, photos, hashtags and everything. I'm really impressed!

Sabina | Drift Ottawa @ Shopify