I don't like writing reviews unless I've had time to try out an app. I've tried this one out for a couple months and I really enjoy using it. It's a great tool to use when creating social media posts.One of the things I love about this app is that there is no monthly commitment. You just pay as you create your posts. Try this one out. You won't regret it!

Alison | Mowsem @ Shopify

Outfy has quickly proven to be the most effective social media push app that I have ever worked with. Immediately traffic to my website took a big jump and sales were generated with days of starting to use it - that I could track directly to the postings by Outfy. You would be nuts not to give this app a try. It's low cost, effective and easy to use

David | Good Spirit Wolf @ Shopify

This is the best app ever!! It's so good, I just can't rate it highly enough, and it's excellent value. You can actually see exactly what it does, and see the results immediately. BEST EVER APP!!

Barbara | MAXMARTZ @ Shopify

I am actually loving it so much. For the price, it makes a lot of sense if you are having to wear many hats with your store. It also very much assists if you are artistically challenged. Thanks so much!

Buy Beauty Products @ Shopify

Totally love this app. It has helped so much with my postings. Also when I did have a problem - They are always there with the chat! We fixed it.Tthey were on it fast! Thank you!

Heidi | Heidi @ Shopify

What makes this APp useful is the : - The vast network coverage - The ability to attach multiple shops - There is no fixed monthly expense - unique Pay per use concept, ​- The tremendous customer-centric ​customer support (Thanks) - ​The open to ​ user feedback ​, ready to introduce new features requested by users​ - The additional features to help promote easily businesses for holidays.

Kimlud @ Shopify

Nothing comes close. It's the best on many levels. It's automation, value, and customer service is top notch. Very responsive and easy to communicate with. Great if you want to experience hands off social media marketing for your store

Eric | Ten Thousandth Cast @ Shopify

I just really love Outfy....connecting all my social media accounts was so easy and i am looking forward to using this app to make my life easier

Sharon | IQ Treasures @ Shopify

I've just added Outfy to my second store now and am very happy with the performance and service. Whenever I had a concern or issue, customer service was incredibly prompt, courteous and helpful, taking care of whatever needed to be done. I am able to share, promote and create a variety of ads, shout-outs..whatever marketing ploy you prefer. It's easy to use and I really like the credit system instead of a membership..I only use what I need which is helpful because it's just me running everything and overhead adds up. All in all a great app that I will use faithfully :)

Sara | Sara's Super Stock @ Shopify

This is a really versatile app that saves me so much time! The automation and template functions are amazing! Now all I have to worry about is uploading new products to my website and Outfy will post to my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for me using the template I created. Links, photos, hashtags and everything. I'm really impressed!

Sabina | Drift Ottawa @ Shopify