This app just made our business's social media campaign so much easier to manage and undertake! The AUTOPILOT option really puts the icing on the cake for this app. Highly suggested! Its also a pay as you go which makes it very convenient. Furthermore it allows you to post on so many social media platforms unlike so many other apps.

Karim | SIMPLMRKT @ Shopify

This is thee best app we have ever come across for anything!! We have been looking for an app that covers all social media in one place and this has accomplished it! With Instagram, the problem has been a photo needs to be store on which device you are using. This is a problem. Especially when you run out of storage. With Outfy, they merge the image for you and prepare it so it is so so sooooo seamless!! Finally!!! This app is worth $$$$$ alone. It has saved us so much time and money especially with being able to schedule posts to any or all social networks at whicher timinging increments we want. Outfy is perfect! Everyone should use it whether for business or personal. Thank you Outfy!!!

Shoppe Vero | ShoppeVero@Shopify

My mouth dropped wide open when I saw how efficiently this app made gifs/videos to post on Instagram with MY logo superimposed in the corner. The descriptions included all the details and even the group of hashtags I chose in advance! Wow! It would have easily taken me twenty minutes to try to manually post just one product like that. Now all I have to do is have my phone nearby during the times I set it to be active, so I can tap the screen a couple times to post to Instagram and Facebook after a quick review. I can even tag my products. I could go on and on. This is COMPLETELY worth it!

Carl Chapman | Show Them Wear @ Shopify

This is a wonderful app, within just a few minutes it solved a large problem for me that I didn't think anyone had a solution for-- to simply post my Shopify blogs to Facebook in a consistent, streamlined, and traceable manner. I produce content that is targeted to the website and to different social platforms The pricing model is very generous, they don't charge a monthly fee but instead only charge by post and they give a large number for free. The portal interface is very nicely done and easy to use. Everything I've done so far is at no cost.

Eric | ClockSavant @ Shopify

This App is AMAZING!!! With my Social Media Marketing and Product Sharing for my Business, hands down this App is the BEST! Smooth flow of Service, easy to use Dashboard, very informal with data and ideas, and the list goes on and on. Outfy, I would like to personally say Thank You for making it easier to gain more exposure and rake in sales which helps me provide for my Family! Thank You!!!

Kevin | My Quality1 @ Shopify

If I could choose what was the best APP I could choose for my New Shopify store - THIS WOULD BE IT. Get a hold of ALL your Social Marketing with this easy to use completly interfaced to all your products tool.

Elizabeth and Eve @ Shopify

Oh my gosh! So happy to have this app. I could not possibly find time for all of my social networking without it. Does a really nice job of advertising my products on all networks with very little effort on my part. Super easy to use with loads of features for customizing posts, shout outs, etc. Love it and highly recommend.

Susan | SwellFurnishings @ Shopify

Great App! Easy To Set Up! Save A Massive Amount Of Time Posting And Advertising To Social Media Platforms. Has Many Options For Promotions And Shares Customized For You. Customer Service Is Quick To Respond Via Insta Chat. Definitely Recommend!

Monarch Butterfly Boutique @ Shopify

Awesome! I love this app, it makes my live so much easier will give it 10 stars. Hurray! What an excellent app this is, my best among the best. Loving all the features, so easy to use+ fun using it. I recommend everyone to have this. U will love it.

CutieBaby @ Shopify

Just when I thought that I couldn't love Outfy any more than I already did, their OUTSTANDING customer service and willingness to help proved me wrong. I now know that Outfy is the most useful and ECONOMICAL app I have ever used to market on social media. I love the ease of use which makes sharing a breeze across multimedia platforms and their ability to combine multiple website accounts knocks its FUNCTIONALITY out of the ball park. You will not be sorry... go ahead and give it a try!

Lavern | Uptrendfashions @ Shopify