I use the Outfy app to post scheduled product posts to my Facebook account and as a result, these automated posts generate clicks and sales. This app works seamlessly out of the box, and the few times I've had to contact support their response has been first class. Fully recommended.

NordicWallArt NordicWallArt.com

Oh, man! I don't have enough good things to say about Outfy. It's the best social media autopilot I have ever found. This is my second store using it. It does exactly what I need. It's even better now that the team have added Tumblr. It's also cheap! I have read some reviews that the customer is subpar and they couldn't be more wrong! I decided to close a store although I had purchased credits and had a ton unused. I added the Outfy trial to my new store and replied to their welcome email detailing that I was coming from a previous store and I needed their continued support. Just a few later, I got an email from support noticing that I had unused credits from my previous shop and they offered to transfer my credits to my new shop. I wasn't expecting that at all. I was always going to be a customer of Outfy, but that goes to show that I made the right choice. Thanks, Outfy! I appreciate you guys!

Justin Evan Daniel Diamonds @ Shopify

I LOVE THIS APP!!! It makes sharing products on social media so much easier. Moreover, I enjoy the auto-pilot feature tremendously. It's like set it and forget it. How cool is that! Also, the pricing of the sharing packages are affordable and well worth the price when it comes to all of the time and hassle that it saves one. Thanks so much Outfy for creating such an awesome app that benefits the great and small!

Lavern Searchandshipgifts @ Shopify

BOOM! And just like that all the time consuming posting was OVER! LOVE THIIS APP! I am still having trouble connecting it with Instagram but our Facebook Pinterest and Twitter posts look ABSOLUTELY SMASHING! And the tech support was live with me [in the middle of the night after stumbling across this app by accident!] so I have no doubt that this issue will be rectified immediately!

Valentina The Glitz-N-GLAM Company @ Shopify

Been using Outfy for years. It is a fantastic tool that comes at an extremely cost-effective price. Only pay for what you use. No recurring monthly fees. You can add many customized templates for each platform and there are plenty of platforms to choose from.

Quirky Rose @ Shopify

The best app ever to share your products on different socia media networks. highly recommend to use and i promise that you won't leave it once you install it. in addition to that , their supportive live chat team is invaluable to solve all your technical problems. they are awesooooome , kind and patient. Big LOVE to you guys

Rommel Purple galley @ Shopify

I REALLY like Outfy! Their customer service is great, the app works like a charm. I really like the fact that you can pay as you go, they have great pricing deals as well. I also love the fact that I can have my 2 Etsy shops and my Shopify website all in one place using the same posts and price package. I'm sure they're things that I don't know yet about Outfy but I am really impressed with them and their customer service! Thanks again for a great product!

Dawn Coker Lil Czech Treasures @ Shopify

I've just started working with this app and I have to say that so far I'm really impressed. It's extremely easy to set up and run and will save me a huge amount of time posting to all my different social media accounts. Thanks Outfy!

Angie Lee The French Apron Company @ Shopify

Great app that allows you to control not only how much you spend on your social media marketing but when and what you post. If you get the app it also lets you see which posting are getting the most activity so you can narrow down when its the best time to market. NOTE ON INSTAGRAM: The glitch is NOT the app. Instagram does not allow THIRD PARTY POSTING ANYMORE. So the app HAS to work around that by basically letting you copy and post yourself. The app has no control over Instagram policy. Just thought I would state that since many people don't know that and are thinking its the app itself. Overall easy to use and very useful.

Lexi Walters Shopatfinn @ Shopify

After we built our Shopify site over a year ago, we were still missing something at Fifi & Romeo...that's where Outfy came in... All of the features are out of this world and are helping us move forward, so a HUGE thanks to you for creating this wonderful app! Very HAPPY : )

Yana Syrkin Fifi & Romeo@Shopify