Getting started with Outfy!

What is Outfy?
How It Works?
How is Outfy different from other tools / apps available? What is Outfy’s USP?
Why should I share my products to social media and social e-commerce sites?
Can I share the posts instantly through Outfy? How much into the future can products be scheduled?
I have registered at Outfy, and connected my online shop. Is there a checklist that I can refer to before I start posting through Outfy?
I forgot my login password, how do I recover same?
How do I login to Outfy mobile app?
I want to edit / cancel the posts I scheduled earlier. How can I do that?
I added new products to my store. How will these be synced to my Outfy account?
Can I only promote products with Outfy? What if I want to promote my whole collection?
Who all will see my promotions done through Outfy?
I am unable to find an answer to my problem here. What should I do now?

Billing & Plans

What happens when I upgrade my subscription?
What happens when I downgrade my subscription?
What happens when I cancel my subscription?
What happens when I delete my account or Uninstall Outfy?
I was entitled for a discount but did not receive it, what should I do ?
What do I get in the FREE Forever Plan ?

Autopilot / Autopost

What is Product Autopilot/Autoposting?
What are the different types of Autopilot/Autoposting ?


What is SmartQ?
What is Blog SmartQ?
Should I use SmartQ instead of Autopilot ?
Can SmartQ schedule all types of content for all networks ?

Promotion / Sale

How creating a promotion/sale announcement works on Outfy?

Customizable Post Templates

How to make use of post Templates on Outfy?

Instagram Sharing

How does Instagram work with Outfy ?
What are the requirements for direct Instagram publishing ?
Why can’t I connect my Instagram account ?
Why should I use an Instagram Business account ?
Are there any posting limitations to keep in mind ?


I am unable to connect my Facebook Page. Why?
Trying to connect my Pinterest account gives me a blank screen or an error message. Why?
What are the different types of Facebook posting ?
My posts are going to my Facebook page, but there is no image being displayed. What do I need to do?
What if I do not have an account on some of the social networks shown on Outfy?
I do not know about many of the social networks listed on Outfy. How do I get to know more about them?
What are Twitter’s new rules and how will they affect my normal & autopilot postings?
As a non-English user, why can’t I connect Instagram?
Trying to connect Etsy shop gives 500 error, why?
How can I share multiple images in a post ?


What are the types of Ads you can create on Outfy ?
What are Facebook/Instagram Ads ?
What is Facebook Pixel?
How to link a Facebook pixel with E-commerce shops?
How to fix Ad Account permissions related error?
How to solve the “Payment method not present” error?
How to refresh Ad Account details on Outfy ?
How frequently ad insights are updated on Outfy?
What do different Ad Delivery statuses mean?
Why is the Ad preview not being displayed?
Why isn't my ad displayed on specific platforms?
How to create a Business Manager on Facebook ?
How to add People into your Facebook Business Manager?


What types of engaging content can be shared?
How to create captivating Videos of products?
Are the music added in videos free to use ?
Why are videos loaded with default background music? Can it be removed?
Videos posted on Instagram are getting cropped. How do i fix it ?
Why is a Youtube account required to post videos on Pinterest ?
How to post videos on Pinterest ?
Design with Canva” button does not work in a private or incognito mode - why ?


Why do I need to reconnect a Network ?


Do I need to share my account details every time I share a new product?
Why does a sharing fail for a particular website?
What is "Import your shop" and how can I use it?
Why does Outfy charge for sharing to these websites?
I am worried about the security of my credentials. How do you guarantee that they will be safe?
If I have already selected a collection or board or shelf, can I share to a different collection or board or shelf later?
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