Getting started with Outfy!

What is Outfy?

Outfy app is a facilitator tool that helps save you loads of time by posting on your social media accounts, as per your chosen settings. You can choose to post in real time or even schedule for the future.

At present, Outfy lets you schedule / post your product promotions on 6 social media networks, on your behalf:

How It Works?
  • Connect your social media networks with Outfy
  • There are three ways you can post your products to Social Media
    • Select a product from the dashboard and post it immediately
    • Use Planner to schedule a post in future
    • Use Auto Pilot - Make some settings and Outfy will post them for you
  • You can create Collages, Animated Gifs and Videos from your product pictures and post them to social media. You can automate these as well.
How is Outfy different from other tools / apps available? What is Outfy’s USP?
  • Outfy lets you post on 6 social media networks
  • Share posts in real time or schedule your promotions days / weeks / months in advance
  • Set your store on Autopilot mode – you set the criteria once, and Outfy tool will auto-select your products for promotions
  • Attach multiple shops to your single Outfy account, and set all promotions from one single login
  • NO monthly commitment. Outfy has the unique “pay for use” pricing concept. Just purchase credits to refill your account, and use them in the time frame you are comfortable with
  • Design “Post templates” for each network once, and then all your posts are done within those settings
  • Make use of our Preset templates for your sale / promotion announcements
  • Create Collage, Animated GIFs and Videos to blow your own trumpet – share or even schedule your promotion campaigns / deals / link to your latest blog across chosen networks
Why should I share my products to social media and social e-commerce sites?
Social is the future of retail. Social media and social e-commerce websites have taken a huge leap in the last couple of years. Users are now making their purchasing choices socially and they even maintain a list of the all the things they like and discover newer products through these websites. Moreover most of these social networks are free for retailers like yourself, and you can leverage the reach of these sites for your products.
Can I share the posts instantly through Outfy? How much into the future can products be scheduled?
  • You can share in real time if you wish
  • You can schedule your posts for the future also – for as long into the future as you wish, we don’t set any limits for you @Outfy!
I have registered at Outfy, and connected my online shop. Is there a checklist that I can refer to before I start posting through Outfy?
  • Your products would be auto-synced to your Outfy account, in sometime. If you wish to start instantly, you would need to “refresh” your shop and pull the products once to your Outfy account
  • You can then connect your social media accounts to your Outfy account. With Outfy, you can post on as many as 6 social media networks from 1 Outfy account. So just attach all possible social media accounts – this is required only once
  • You can then set the templates for each social media network ONCE, and then all posts that will be posted on that network will pull the information automatically, as per your settings. You can access same here - You will need to update each network tab, once only
  • You should download the Outfy mobile app in order to be able to post on Instagram. Please refer to, especially the videos for a demonstration about posting on Instagram
  • You can set “tasks” for your autopilot if you wish to put your store on auto promotions through Outfy
I forgot my login password, how do I recover same?
  • For all networks, If you are logged into your online store, when you access Outfy, you will automatically be able to access your Outfy account linked to your online store
  • Login to your Outfy account on your desktop through your online shop account
  • Click here to access your Profile
  • Set your password and confirm same
  • Login to Outfy app using your email and this new password on the mobile app
How do I login to Outfy mobile app?
  • For Shopify / Etsy / Storenvy / Weebly / Ecwid / Ebay stores – you don’t need a separate login id or password
  • We have a seamless integration with these networks, and you can login to your Outfy account with your online shop credentials itself from here -
  • For all networks, If you are logged into your online store, when you access Outfy, you will automatically be able to access your Outfy account linked to your online store
I want to edit / cancel the posts I scheduled earlier. How can I do that?
  • You can see all your scheduled posts here -
  • Choose “edit” in case you want to edit any description or even change the timing for the promotion
  • Choose “delete” in case you want to delete the promotion of that particular product totally
I added new products to my store. How will these be synced to my Outfy account?
  • Outfy will import your newly added products from your online store in a couple of hours, automatically
  • The syncing happens once everyday automatically, so your new products may take maximum 24hrs to be visible on your Outfy account
  • In case you wish to promote them immediately, you can “refresh” your account manually as well
Can I only promote products with Outfy? What if I want to promote my whole collection?
  • You can choose to promote your products through Outfy, or even whole collections
  • You can use “create a sale / promotion” announcement to announce a sale
  • You can create a Collage/ GIF/ Video to announce a deal / coupon code for your online store, on your social media accounts
Who all will see my promotions done through Outfy?
  • Your promotions are visible to your audience in accordance to your settings on the particular network
  • If you choose “friends” on Facebook – only your friends would be able to see your posts
  • If you choose “public” on Facebook – your viewer base would change accordingly
I am unable to find an answer to my problem here. What should I do now?
  • You can ping us on chat through our website. Please leave your query, if you are unable to get through to a customer support representative instantly
  • You can send us an email on
  • We are a very small, yet smart and customer centric team – we will surely get back to you within a couple of hours with a query resolution

Billing & Plans

What happens when I upgrade my subscription?

When you upgrade your subscription, we cancel your current subscription and create a new subscription for you. Your upgrade becomes effective immediately after successful payment.

  1. Shopify users:

    The charge is prorated based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle.

    View complete details here

  2. Non-Shopify users(Etsy, Bigcommerce, Squarespace etc):

    Depending upon your card, you are either charged the differential between the plans


    You are charged the full amount of the upgraded subscription, while unused amount of last subscription gets credited back to your card (It may take few days for the unused amount to be credited)

What happens when I downgrade my subscription?

Downgrading your subscription takes place on the next billing date. Till then you remain on the current plan and enjoy the same benefits

On the actual date of your plan downgrade, this is what happens:

  • All your Autopilots and/or SmartQ which are not included in the downgraded plan are turned off.
  • If you are moving to a FREE plan, all your Autopilots and SmartQ are turned off.
  • All scheduled posts are deleted immediately
View complete payment terms
What happens when I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, billing stops immediately and you will not be charged from next billing cycle or following month.

You can continue using Outfy till your subscription ends. On the subscription end date:

  • You are moved to the FREE plan immediately
  • All your auto pilots and SmartQ are turned off
  • All your scheduled posts are deleted
View complete payment terms
What happens when I delete my account or Uninstall Outfy?

When you delete your account or Uninstall Outfy, your subscription gets cancelled immediately. Subsequently, your billing stops immediately and you will not be charged from next billing cycle or following month.

I was entitled for a discount but did not receive it, what should I do ?

Shopify users - Due to payment related limitations on Shopify’s platform, you are charged the full plan amount immediately. After that, you are issued Application Credits equivalent to the discounted amount. Shopify application credits appear on your Shopify subscription bill and can be used by you later on Shopify platform. Please get in touch with Shopify to know more about ‘Application Credits”

For other users, if you haven’t received your offer, please reach us out on

What do I get in the FREE Forever Plan ?

The FREE Forever Plan is best for stores with very few products, ideally around 1-20. For retailers of this size, social media posts should also be minimal. This is because social media networks tend to flag accounts as spam if the same type of products/posts are repeated frequently.

Keeping the above point in mind, the FREE Forever Plan is limited to the following:

  • Max 4 products can be posted or scheduled daily (24 hr period)
  • Max 2 automated posts are allowed daily on 2 social networks
  • Twitter and Youtube networks are not available

If, however, your store has more than 20 products, we recommend you move to a higher plan and make the best use of Outfy. It will definitely help you grow your store.

Autopilot / Autopost

What is Product Autopilot/Autoposting?
Well, we have so say, this is one of the most compelling feature of Outfy which every seller looks out for.

If you wish to completely hand over the task of sharing/posting of your products to Outfy, Autopilot is the ONE you should definitely take advantage of. With Autopilot, you no more have to worry about sharing or scheduling your products every day. Just enable it, let us know your preferred time and number of products you wish to share everyday and Outfy will do the rest.

So how does it work?

  • Outfy picks up a handful of random products and schedules it for the next day.
  • The scheduled list is prepared everyday so that your latest products stay on priority.
  • The products are shared only on networks you choose to.
  • Once all your products get shared at least once, they are auto rotated.
  • Outfy plans your daily schedule in the best possible way which befits without breaking the norm of your social networks.
  • Your old inventory gets the chance to move generating your more sales.
  • You can always view your next day schedule via Planner.
What are the different types of Autopilot/Autoposting ?
Outfy supports four (4) types of Autopilot tasks as of now:
  1. Product automation - Simple autopilot task which picks up your product images and schedules them for posting on your preferred networks. The images are sent to the networks in their original form without any modification.
  2. COLLAGE automation - An enhanced version of Autopilot which converts your product images into a stunning Collage. The best matching template is intelligently chosen. In addition you have the provision to add your store logo to the collage, making it more branded and meaningful.
  3. GIF automation - Completely enhanced version of Autopilot which transforms your product images into a riveting animated GIF. All of your products images are rotated in sequence creating an eye pleasing experience. Add your store logo to give a touch of branding.
  4. VIDEO automation - A new level of Automation which gives life to your product images and produces a captivating Video. Choose from a wide range of Video templates with soothing background music. Keep your users engaged forever.

Note: Collage/GIF/Video automation is only supported on 5 networks - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

Outfy highly recommends you to go for Collage/GIF/Video automation of your products instead of the stale and simple product posting.

What is Blog Autopilot/Autoposting?
Put your blog (series of blog posts) in Autopilot mode and get absolute solace from manual sharing whenever a new blog post gets added. Works similar to Product Autopilot, just enable it, let us know your preferred time, which blogs to share everyday and Outfy will do the rest.

How does it work?

  • Based on your desired settings, Outfy picks up a handful of blog posts and schedules it for the next day.
  • The scheduled list is prepared everyday so that your latest blog posts stay on priority.
  • The blog posts are shared only on networks you choose to.
  • Once all your blog posts get shared at least once, they can be chose to be auto rotated.
  • Outfy plans your daily schedule in the best possible way which befits without breaking the norm of your social networks.

Note: Blog autopilot is only supported on 5 networks - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.


What is SmartQ?

SmartQ is a tool that helps you automate creation and sharing of Product, Collage, Animated GIFs, and Videos on social media networks. Yes, its like Autopilot but much better. In fact, it aggregates all of the Autopilots into one. It is more powerful and useful for your social media posting.

Benefits of SmartQ

  • Saves time, since creation and posting happens automatically
  • Posts are randomised and diverse, which ensure higher engagement and less monotony.
  • Posts are not repeated - unless specified. This creates a more interesting social media experience for your audience.
Here’s how to setup and use SmartQ
Should I use SmartQ instead of Autopilot ?

If you plan to share creative content like Collage, Animated GIFs, Videos and automate them all at a go, then it’s a YES. You should definitely use SmartQ to automate your daily postings. It is more powerful than the regular Autopilot. Networks will love it. Your customers will love it.

Here’s how to setup and use SmartQ
Can SmartQ schedule all types of content for all networks ?

Some of the networks do not allow or support custom content. So SmartQ is unable to post all types of contents for all networks. Below is the complete list of what is allowed and what not on all supported networks:

  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr - all allowed(Product, Collage, GIF, Video)
  • Pinterest - all allowed(Product, Collage, GIF) except Video
  • Kit - only product allowed

Promotion / Sale

How creating a promotion/sale announcement works on Outfy?

Now you can create promotional content/sale announcement about your products and push them to social networks through your Outfy account itself. Its super easy and quick, all in one place!


  • Choose a product you want to promote/offer on sale
  • Outfy will pull its image from your estore
  • Customise the announcement choosing one of our preset templates available, that best suits your product
  • Enter the promotion/sale dates (starting and ending)
  • Select the number of times you want to share your promotion/sale announcement content on each of your chosen social media networks
  • That’s all it takes! Your promotion/sale announcement is ready to be posted
  • You can even "Edit" your promotion posts, just in case if you want to
  • All of it takes just few seconds

If you create the promotion/sale announcement from "Share" Page, you can select any product image for promotion as per your choice

If you create the promotion/sale announcement from "Promotions" page, Outfy auto selects your product’s default image for promotion.


  • We have a large set of beautiful images you can use as promotion image
  • Alternatively, you can upload your own promotion image
  • Add promotional content on top of the image
  • Enter the promotion/sale dates (starting and ending)
  • Select the number of times you want to share your promotion/sale announcement content on each of your chosen social media networks
  • That’s all it takes! Your promotion/sale announcement is ready to be posted
  • You can even "Edit" your promotion posts, just in case if you want to
  • All of it takes just few seconds

Just few basic rules to follow:

  • You can setup a promotion/sale announcement for next day onwards. Starting a Sale on the same day of post creation is not yet supported
  • Do not push same content more than 12 times per day on a single network
  • We push promotions evenly distributed between 9 AM to midnight in a single day
  • If you want to exclude a particular network, just put "0" in the box given after the network

** Using this new "promotion/sale announcement" creation feature comes to you at "No additional cost" (for a limited period only). You will only be charged "3 credits per share" as and when you actually post the promotions on your chosen networks **

Customizable Post Templates

How to make use of post Templates on Outfy?

Post templates are the pillars of your social posts and are used as a means to control and beautify them. This is primarily done with the help of a couple of relevant template fields:

  • PRODUCT_TITLE refers product title
  • PRODUCT_PRICE refers product price
  • PRODUCT_TAGS refers product tags
  • PRODUCT_URL refers product full url or link
  • PRODUCT_DESC refers product description
  • TAG_CLOUD refers your hash cloud on Outfy

So wherever the above mentioned fields appear in your template, they’ll be replaced with the actual values of a product during sharing/posting. Additionally you can set the maximum number of hashtags to be added in a post to prevent overloading with hashtags.

Every social network maintains its own template to provide you the maximum level of customization and regulation.

However in case of text overflow (some networks observe character limits for e.g Twitter), Outfy follows a few basic rules while creating the final share/post based on the configured template:

  1. In case of an entry of URL/link (PRODUCT_URL or any custom url), it is given the highest priority and at least one(first one) is ensured a place in the post
  2. @mentions/hashtags/links/product price are removed as a whole and not partially stripped
  3. Line breaks are respected and preserved
  4. Extra characters are stripped off from the end till they perfectly fit in

As an example, let’s consider a product which has the following attributes:

Title - Antique Gold Wedding Band Diamond Buckle Ring
Price - $ 300.00
Tags - #jewellery #gottohave #instafashion #antique #diamond #fashionable #ornament

Now lets assume template for Facebook & Twitter to be the same and as below:


Outfy tries to construct the post by replacing the above template fields with their actual values and comes up with the following:

Antique Gold Wedding Band Diamond Buckle Ring
#jewellery #gottohave #instafashion #antique #diamond #fashionable #ornament
$ 300.00

The above constructed text works perfect for Facebook but exceeds Twitter limit and so the text is reduced based on the basic rules of Outfy and finally comes out to be:

Antique Gold Wedding Band Diamond Buckle Ring
#jewellery #gottohave #instafashion #antique

How is it different from earlier creation of posts ?

We would say, its an epic leap. Imagine, earlier you wanted to prefix this static text - ‘Authentic Handmade Stuff. Free worldwide shipping!’ in every post, the only way was to manually add it every time.

Well now, its perfectly in your hands. Just define it in the Post Template in tandem with other fields. It will automatically get included and the golden post will be ready for you the way you actually expect it to be

How does it effect Autopilot users ?

Autopilot users - please pay attention to the new template introduction. This can be quite tricky if you don’t frame up your templates properly especially for Twitter where character limit is a big constraint and text gets stripped off. Add the template fields at the beginning which are important for you.

A few essential tips for constructing your Twitter template

  • if you wish to add a few hashtags to every post, we suggest add them in the beginning
  • Add static texts at the beginning to ensure that they remain intact and don’t get stripped off. For e.g ‘Free Shipping on all items….’
  • If price is a must, you can just start the post as “Priced at only PRODUCT_PRICE …”

Lastly for all other social networks, you are absolutely free to customize and configure the Templates the way you want to!

** Great News! Outfy mobile apps are now fully compatible with Post Templates **

Instagram Sharing

How does Instagram work with Outfy ?
Instagram works the same way as other networks. You can now directly publish on Instagram through Outfy. Just connect your Instagram Business profile to Outfy and get started right away. You can post immediately or schedule for later or completely automate it through our Autopilot or SmartQ feature
What are the requirements for direct Instagram publishing ?

1) Instagram Business account

Right now, Instagram’s API only allows posting for business accounts. That means you can’t have a Creator or Personal account and use this feature.

If you don’t have a Business account, you can get one here - It’s FREE.

2) Instagram should be connected with Facebook

Please make sure your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook account. If it is not, here are the steps to do it -

NOTE: You should be an owner/admin of the Facebook Page which is linked to the Instagram Business Profile to enable direct publishing through this method.

Why can’t I connect my Instagram account ?

High chances are that you are trying to connect an Instagram account which is not a Business profile. Outfy works only with Instagram Business Account/profile. If you don’t have a Business account, you can get one from here - . It’s FREE.

Why should I use an Instagram Business account ?

Instagram highly recommends to use Business profiles to market your business and increase brand awareness through engagement. With an Instagram business profile, businesses can promote their products and services to a global audience of people who are most interested in what they do. Business accounts helps to reach more people, stay connected with them and boost sales.

A business profile also offers more marketing tools and services than the personal account:

  • Instagram analytics for reach, impressions and follower demographics
  • The ability to promote posts and run Instagram ads
  • Multiple contact options for your business, including phone number, email address and physical address
  • Appointment booking integration
Are there any posting limitations to keep in mind ?

Instagram imposes a few limitations for direct posting:

  • Account type: Only Instagram Business accounts are supported for now.
  • Number of posts: Each Instagram Business account will be limited to 25 API-published posts within a 24-hour moving period.
  • Content type: Single-image posts, Single-video posts (Stories, Shopping tags, Branded content tags, Filters and Multi-image posts are not supported).
  • Hashtags: up to 30 hashtags per post are allowed.
  • Asset aspect ratio: assets within the 4:5 to 1.91:1 range are supported. Outfy auto handles it for you.


I am unable to connect my Facebook Page. Why?
Facebook connect doesn’t seem to work right always. The popup disappears abruptly and nothing happens. In such cases, please follow the below steps:
  1. Open Facebook in another browser tab.
  2. Go to Business integrations page -
  3. Search/Look out for Outfy app. In case it’s available, please remove it. Ensure to properly search it.
  4. Now completely Logout of your Facebook account.
  5. Come back to Outfy and try connecting Facebook Page again.

Still no luck? Facebook connect works best on Chrome browser. If you are using IE/Safari/Mozilla, try switching to Chrome. This is just one time process and you can always go back to your Favorite browser later.

Trying to connect my Pinterest account gives me a blank screen or an error message. Why?
Connecting pinterest account can be buggy sometimes and this is a known issue with Pinterest. You either get a blank screen or an error message. In such cases, please follow the below steps:
  1. Open a new browser tab in Incognito or Private mode. Here's how to do for your favorite browser:
  2. Open and go to your Settings page (
  3. Navigate to Apps section (choose from left menu options)
  4. Look out for Outfy app and if you see it, click "Revoke Access"
  5. Now completely log out of your Pinterest account
  6. Login to your Outfy account and go to Networks page (
  7. Try to connect your Pinterest account again with valid credentials

Note: You need to perform all of the steps above in Incognito or Private mode of browser.

Still no luck? Pinterest connect works best on Chrome browser. If you are using IE/Safari/Mozilla, try switching to Chrome. This is just one time process and you can always go back to your Favorite browser later.

What are the different types of Facebook posting ?

a) Post as ‘Link’

  • Facebook gets your product image and ignores image selected by you on Outfy
  • Clicking on the post/image takes users to your product page

b) Post as ‘Image’

  • Facebook accepts and displays the image selected by you
  • Image opens in overlay. Product link is present in the caption
My posts are going to my Facebook page, but there is no image being displayed. What do I need to do?
This distortion or missing image issue is faced mostly if you have chosen to "post as a link" for Facebook page. When you choose to "post as a link" on Facebook, the onus is on Facebook to scrape the website and pick and image for posting. Facebook sometimes misses picking the image, and the post goes out without an image.

Best Solution recommended by our experts:

  • Choose the option to "post as an image" for Facebook from the networks tab -
  • This will post the image directly from your online store to Facebook.
  • Just ensure that you maintain a time interval of minimum 4hrs between two consecutive posts on Facebook, as this is a stipulation again by Facebook and is hard-coded in Outfy posts for your convenience and reducing all risks to violation.
What if I do not have an account on some of the social networks shown on Outfy?
If you do not have an account on any of the networks, you can know more about them here and create an account on their website. Next simply share your account information to connect it with your Outfy.
I do not know about many of the social networks listed on Outfy. How do I get to know more about them?
Team Outfy provides a quick summary about each of the websites – who they are, what makes them special and their Alexa Rankings. You can find it all here.
What are Twitter’s new rules and how will they affect my normal & autopilot postings?

The recent Twitter Rules are out and here’s how it affects all Outfy users:

a) Posting duplicative or substantially similar content — both on one account and across multiple accounts is NO more allowed

This essentially means:

  • You won’t be able to repeat the same post - Product, Collage, GIF, Video etc.
  • Store/Product/Generic promotions have been disabled right now for Twitter because the same post tends to be repeated. Outfy will notify all users when this feature is back with all the compliant related changes.

b) Maximum 2 hashtags are now allowed in tweets

A limit of 2 hashtags per tweet has been imposed. So your Twitter posts populated via Planner or Dashboard or Autopilot will only populate 2 hashtags for each tweet. The Post Template for twitter also reflects the same limiting it to 2 only. In return this will give more priority and visibility to the actual message instead of only hashtags.

Twitter has released these new guidelines to prevent people from misusing Twitter to artificially amplify a message. This change should make Twitter network a lot more useful for everyone in the long run – less spammy and fewer bots are pretty good things to work towards. So it is important for Outfy and its users to comply to the recommended rules, failing to which will result in accounts being banned or locked.

Note: This ONLY affects Twitter posts, the rest of the networks will continue to work as usual.

As a non-English user, why can’t I connect Instagram?

This is a known issue with Instagram platform and honestly we have no idea as to when they are going to fix it. All non-English users who have Instagram accounts in their local language face issues while associating their account to 3rd party apps.

The only workaround is by temporarily changing the Browser language to English, connect Instagram account and then revert browser to original language. Here are the complete steps:

  1. Change browser language to English. Here’s how to do for various browser types -'s-Language
  2. Go to Oufy networks page and connect your Instagram account by entering your credentials
  3. Once successfully connected, set the browser language back to original (same as step #1 above)

In case you still face issues while connecting, please try using other browsers instead of your default one

Trying to connect Etsy shop gives 500 error, why?

If you receive an error while connecting your Etsy shop, this could be due to some intermittent issue from Etsy’s end. Kindly follow the below steps to rectify this:

  1. Open Etsy admin panel or shop manager section
  2. Look out for Outfy app in your Integrations >> Manage section
  3. Disconnect Outfy app if you see it listed
  4. Try to connect Outfy app again preferably In an incognito or private browser window


What are the types of Ads you can create on Outfy ?

Outfy enables you to create 3 types of Ads which are the best and top performing ones in the current industry:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads (coming up next)

Unable to find where to create Ads? Let us know here

What are Facebook/Instagram Ads ?

Facebook advertising or FB ads in some words is paying to place promotions or product offers in the news feed of a specific, targeted audience on Facebook. Facebook along with Instagram has the biggest user base with over 2 billion monthly active users and so it is the platform which gets newcomers started quickly or accelerates businesses of existing players.

Know more about Facebook ads

What is Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that consists of a code that you can put on your website. The pixel fires to track site visitors. This data allows you to retarget those users with Facebook ads in the future, as well as see what they're doing on your site when they return.

How to link a Facebook pixel with E-commerce shops?
  • If your site is hosted on website platforms like BigCommerce, Ecwid, Shopify then refer to this link.
  • If not then refer to this link.
How to fix Ad Account permissions related error?

If you encounter an error while:

  1. Connecting provider(Facebook/Google) - please give all the permissions which have been asked.
  2. Creating an ad:
    • It means your account doesn’t have permission to create an ad.
    • You will have to explicitly request the permissions from the owner of the Ad Account.
    • Once done, refresh your account details.
How to solve the “Payment method not present” error?

This means card details are missing in your Ad account. Please follow the below steps to fix this:

  • Go to your Ads manager account.
  • Go to Settings => Payment settings.
  • Add/Update your payment related details.
  • Refresh your account details on Outfy.
How to refresh Ad Account details on Outfy ?

If you have updated details on your Facebook Ad account like account name, time zone, access permissions, payment details etc. you will need to get those changes reflected on Outfy as well so that your ads run smoothly. To refresh your account details on Outfy, navigate here

How frequently ad insights are updated on Outfy?

Ad Insights are updated once a day at midnight PST. For e.g if your ad has started at 12:15 am PST then its first day insights will be received on the next day at 12:00 am PST.

What do different Ad Delivery statuses mean?

The ad is considered to be running only when the ad status is either ACTIVE or PREAPPROVED. Below is the complete list which explains all statuses:

  • ACTIVE: Ad is successfully running.
  • PAUSED: Ad is paused.
  • DELETED: Ad is deleted.
  • PENDING REVIEW: Ad review is pending.
  • DISAPPROVED: Ad is disapproved, this generally happens when an ad doesn’t comply with Facebook Advertising Policies.
  • PREAPPROVED: As you increase your spending and your account has a good reputation, Facebook is more likely to pre-approve your ads and then double-check them once they’re live.
  • PENDING BILLING INFO: Ad billing is pending.
  • CAMPAIGN PAUSED: Ad Campaign is paused.
  • ARCHIVED: Ad is archived.
  • ADSET PAUSED: Adset is paused.
  • IN PROCESS: Ad review is in process.
  • ACCOUNT ERROR: It is due to your payment method which is not properly set. Try to clear the due amount on Facebook and refresh your campaign list page. it will work.
Why is the Ad preview not being displayed?

Make sure that the pop-up window is enabled on your web browser.

Why isn't my ad displayed on specific platforms?

Your Ad may not be displayed on all platforms due to media specification requirements.

Facebook recommended media specifications for dimensions:

  • Video: 1:1 or 4:5
  • Image: 1:1

Instagram recommended media specifications for dimensions:

  • Instagram stream: 1:1
  • Instagram story: 1:1 or 9:16
How to create a Business Manager on Facebook ?

To create a Business Manager:

  • Go to
  • Enter a name for your business, your name, work email address and click Next
  • Enter your business details and click Submit

For more information, check out this official Facebook link.

How to add People into your Facebook Business Manager?

Want to grant someone access to your Business Manager account. Please refer the instructions here


What types of engaging content can be shared?

Outfy provides an interactive and easy way to creating engaging social media content other than the normal product sharing. You can create and share:

  • Collage from images of a single or multiple products
  • Animated GIFs of your product images
  • Videos from images of a single or multiple products
  • Link of Blog or any interesting and informative article
  • Upload Custom Image from your desktop or mobile
  • Existing Photos from Outfy gallery
How to create captivating Videos of products?

Gone are the days of sharing plain & stale images. High quality Video sharing is the new drift in current Social Media world. Outfy helps you creating captivate quality videos from your product images in the most intriguing way:

  1. Choose a product to create a video
  2. Choose a template from our top creations
  3. View sample or checkout a quick preview of your video to see how it looks
  4. Your video is ready to be shared on your social networks

Share your dazzling video and awe your followers.

*All videos are accompanied with royalty free and legal music to be used commercially

Are the music added in videos free to use ?

Yes the associated music with the videos are absolutely free to use. These music files have been taken from which are officially approved to be used. To know more about it, please visit their faq -

Why are videos loaded with default background music? Can it be removed?

Videos without music tend to be flat and chances are that they could go unnoticed. So it's a wise recommendation from our experts that videos work best when loaded with music as they have a tendency to attract and engage users.

Yes, you are free to opt out the music from your videos. Toggle and turn OFF the Music button located on top right of Video Creation page, your videos will be created without any background music.

Videos posted on Instagram are getting cropped. How do i fix it ?

Videos are auto cropped by Instagram if they don't fall within their recommended dimensions. To avoid this and share the video in its original form, please follow the below instructions:

  1. When Instagram opens up from Outfy, below is how the sharing screen looks like where Video is loaded. You will notice that video is partially cut from sides.
  2. Locate a format button (with 2 tilted arrows in a grey circle) on left hand side. Use it to change the mode from square size to Full/Original size video as shown below.
  3. Go ahead and post the video with no more cropping.
Why is a Youtube account required to post videos on Pinterest ?

Pinterest does not allow direct video uploads through 3rd party tools like Outfy. You can upload Videos only through their web portal. Outfy has come up with a smart workaround for this where Youtube is used as a medium for finally posting a video on Pinterest.

The whole process takes place in 2 simple steps:

  1. Your video is first uploaded to Youtube (once you connect it to Outfy).
  2. Youtube returns a link to a successful post. This link is further used to create a video pin on Pinterest

This means the video is internally rendered from your youtube account. Deletion of the youtube video will result in non-functional of the video pin.

Downside - the only downside of this workaround process is that your video is posted on youtube too even if you do not intend to. On the other hand, it gives you a great opportunity to promote your store on youtube. Youtube is the most widely used video platform.

Credits - as the video is posted on 2 networks simultaneously, you are charged 50 credits in total.

How to post videos on Pinterest ?

Pinterest does not provide direct apis/services to third party apps for video posting. You can only upload videos directly from your Pinterest account if you wish to.

So how do you upload the engaging videos created on Outfy ? Download them first and then upload manually. Sounds boring & cumbersome if you plan to do this daily.

Outfy has come up with a neat workaround for this. Now you will be able to post videos directly and automatically on Pinterest from Outfy through YouTube. The video is first uploaded on your YouTube channel (you need to create one if you don’t have one). This video is then used to create a Pin on your Pinterest account. Your videos now start appearing on Pinterest and you get the increased traction on your Pinterest account.

Kindly follow the below steps to start posting videos on Pinterest:

  1. Go to Networks
  2. Connect your YouTube account
  3. Connect Pinterest account (if not already)
  4. Head back to Outfy video creator and start posting videos on Pinterest.

Note - as this is a workaround and Youtube is used as a medium, your videos are always posted on YouTube first. Please do not remove them as they are directly linked to your pins

Design with Canva” button does not work in a private or incognito mode - why ?

This is a default restriction imposed by Chrome and other browsers when a third party app is initialised to open on Outfy. To use Canva on Outfy, we suggest to use it only in a normal browser mode.

If you still wish to work in a private mode, then you need to do the following:

Under Chrome's Settings > Privacy > Content settings, uncheck the cookie setting set to "Block sites from setting any data"


Why do I need to reconnect a Network ?

Outfy’s connection to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc..grants us permission to publish posts. If your connection expires, you’ll need to re-connect it so you can continue using Outfy.

Connection ideally expires if you update security details, such as the email or password for the Facebook Admin account you had connected to Outfy. Access can also be removed by Facebook(or other networks) for other security reasons which will also require reconnection.

In all the above cases, you simply need to disconnect your existing account and re-connect. Please make sure you give the required access to the Outfy app to ensure smooth functioning.


Do I need to share my account details every time I share a new product?
No, you only need to share your social network details once. However, if you change any account information like password/username for any of your accounts, you will need to update it to Outfy as well. Or else sharing to that particular network will fail.
Why does a sharing fail for a particular website?
There could be many reasons for that.
  • If you have changed any of your account information on a particular network and not updated it with Outfy, the sharing will fail.
  • Sometimes the internet gods just don’t favor us and there is a network failure.
  • The network in question may have changed something on their site causing our system to show an error.
  • At times, it is our own tech monkeys to blame. Though we try really hard to ensure they are fed well and share your products without any failure.
What is "Import your shop" and how can I use it?
Are you a store owner at Shopify, Ecwid, Etsy, Storenvy, Jumpseller etc? Then importing and sharing all your products, one by one, to different social networks using URLs might be a bummer. So, the "Import your shop" feature lets you import all your store items to Outfy dashboard in one go. You can choose to share them all at once to different social channels or schedule them as you like.

Why does Outfy charge for sharing to these websites?
Outfy does not charge for sharing to social networks. We only charge you for using our easy, simple and reliable productivity tool and platform - which allows you to share to many social networks at once and helps you manage the reach of your products to potential buyers. We aim to help you in reducing the time to share on these sites individually and provide better insights on how your products have been performing on different social and social e-commerce sites.
I am worried about the security of my credentials. How do you guarantee that they will be safe?
We at Outfy, take security of our users very seriously. We follow International standard practices of security. All your credentials are encrypted and stored safely in our database. We do not sell or share these credentials with anyone. Also, we do not use your credentials for anything else except sharing your products that you have authorized and gathering the analytics.
If I have already selected a collection or board or shelf, can I share to a different collection or board or shelf later?
Yes, you can change your collection and board any time you want. Go to the Networks page, click on the edit button on a network. Skip the authentication information. The next step allows you to change the collection or board or shelf for next set of products you want to share.
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