Instagram Post Guide

1. Connect to Instagram

Go to the Networks page. If your Instagram account is not connected to Outfy, it will show under Available Networks.

When you hover your cursor over the Instagram icon, it will show a message that says Connect. Click to start connecting your Instagram account to Outfy.

When you click, a window will appear that says this: Click on Connect your Instagram Account.

Note: You need an Instagram account to connect it to Outfy. If you don't, please create one. Once you do that, you can connect it to Outfy and use Outfy's network features to promote your store on Instagram.

Once your social media account is connected to Outfy, it will remain so - unless you (or the social media network) change any settings or credential-related information in the social media account (s). If such a thing occurs, you have to reconnect your social media account (s) to Outfy.

When you click Connect your Instagram account, it will take you to a box that will prompt you to log in to your Instagram account and authorise Outfy to access it. Please do the needful.

2. How to post to Instagram

You are on the Networks page. Your Instagram account is connected to Outfy - it will show under Connected Networks.

First things first, you can expand or contract the Instagram section by clicking on this arrow.

When you expand it, the first thing you will see is a button that allows you to disconnect Instagram from your network shares. But you don't want to do that now, because you have to be connected to post to Instagram.

Below the disconnect button, you will see the settings to Manage Post Templates. We have a guide for how to do this here.

Note: You can post on Instagram using Zapier or (if you choose not use Zapier) via push notifications. We will explain both options..

Posting with Zapier

Last week, we made it easy for Outfy users to share content on Instagram. We did this by partnering with Zapier. We will now summarise how you can use Zapier to schedule, publish directly, and share posts on Instagram. We will also link you to a page with a complete guide on how to publish Instagram posts using Zapier. But first, the summary.

  • Create a Zapier account if you don't have one already. It's free.
  • Link your Outfy account to Zapier
  • Connect your Instagram business account to Zapier
  • Start publishing using Outfy

What we have listed are the basic steps you need to take to use Zapier and Outfy to publish your posts easily on Instagram. Read the complete setup guide here

Posting via Push notifications

To begin with, choose a product to share on Instagram. Add caption or promotional text for your product. Share immediately or schedule for later. If you choose the latter, we will send you push notifications to prompt you to complete the process at the scheduled time.

Note: you need to have Outfy and Instagram apps installed on your mobile for this.

At the scheduled time, a push notification will be sent to your mobile device asking you to share the product. Once you are notified, open the push notification and the Outfy app will take you to the Instagram app. Here you need to tap/long press in the caption box to paste your caption, which we have automatically copied.

Note: If you are not receiving Outfy notifications on your mobile, you may have declined the required permission during app setup. Please grant permission by changing your permission settings here for IPhone and Android .

Note: If, even, after you grant permissions, you don't receive notifications, please uninstall Outfy, download the app, reinstall it, and provide the necessary permissions during the installation process.

3. Content types for posting

You can use Outfy to create different kinds of promotional content and post it on Instagram. The kinds of content you can create with Outfy are product posts, promotional collages, and animated GIFs. You can also use Outfy to automate content creation and posting using Autopilot or SmartQ. Now, to help you use Outfy for Instagram easily, let's get into each aspect of content creation and posting on Instagram.

Product Posts

Outfy can help you pick products from your store (My Products page) and post them to your audience on Instagram.


Outfy can help you pick products from your store, create collages (Collage page) using them, and post this content to your audience on Instagram. We have a guide that takes you through the steps for doing this here.

Animated GIFs

Outfy can help you create Animated GIFs (Animated GIFs page) and post them to your audience on Instagram. We have a guide that takes you through the steps for doing this here.

4. When to post

You can use Outfy to schedule your posts on Instagram either immediately or at a future date. In fact, Outfy can help you save time by taking care of your scheduling needs most efficiently.


To post content immediately on Instagram, just go to the piece of created content and use the interface to share it on Instagram.

Schedule for later

To post content on Instagram later, you can use the schedule later on Instagram interface under Networks or do it via the Planner.

5. Automate through Autopilot/SmartQ

As mentioned earlier, the kinds of content you can create with Outfy are product posts, promotional collages, animated GIFs, and videos. What's more, Outfy can automate content creation and post the same for you on Instagram using Autopilot or SmartQ. We have guides to help you use Autopilot here and SmartQ here.